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make you mine

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(Here is the primary, uneditted version to this poem.  I am still working on it and will add the editted version, once it’s complete, so there is a comparison for view and comment.) 

crawl out from your bones,
pour me into your heart
and bleed me through your body.
filling every bruise, weep from every wound
sustain you
making your every pulse my own

dance around your head,
draw me into your lungs
and let me be your oxygen.
becoming every sigh, form into every word
saturate you
making your every breath my own

storming inside your skull,
flash me through your brain
and send me down your spine.
riding every signal, spark from every nerve
electrify you
making your every thought my own

spinning beneath your feet,
wander me hither and yon
and leave me with your remains.
devouring every ounce, dissolve into every speck
absorb you
making your every atom my own

passing across your sky,
disperse me into your grave
and suffuse me into your soul.
revealing every sight, shine from every direction
illuminate you
making your every truth my own


Written by 2ndhandsoul

December 31, 2007 at 5:01 pm

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Once In A While

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Once in a while,
we can laugh
without fear
or second-guessing;
feel fine and alive.

Once in a while,
we can be

Once in a while,
we can do
the right thing,
say the right words;
heal a broken heart.

Once in a while,
we can forget

Once in a while,
we can kiss
while savoring it,
return it in kind;
love without constraint.

Once in a while,
we can share

Once in a while,
we can pray
and have it answered,
but not for us;
remember someone else.

Once in a while,
we can get over

Once in a while,
we can say
and mean it;
for no other reason.

Once in a while,
we can forgive

Once in a while.

Written by 2ndhandsoul

December 31, 2007 at 4:53 pm

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I love you
without knowing
you break my heart
sticky, sweet and red
as a candied-apple
dripping hot cinammon
drink in deep
breath out winter mint
kissing me icy blue
and blazing white
irradiates my mind alive
with lime-green neon dreams
dying black with gangrene
melting in your mouth
buttery smooth
as jaundiced yellow
around a purple bruise
bite into it
hard with hunger
right to the core
drain it clear
as spring water
leave refreshed
with knowing
you love me

Written by 2ndhandsoul

December 21, 2007 at 4:42 pm

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A Moment With Winter

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The air is crisp
with seasonal apprehension,
so hush now and listen close —
lest you miss it —
to the silence that fills
this space, frigid and pale,
suspended, solid and real.

Life has paused in her fervor
to reflect and ponder,
to recoup her strength,
for the next season, another year,
because time does not relent
and does not wait for her
to try and catch up.

She sleeps and dreams
beneath blankets of white
and skies of blue so clear
they are crystal; without birds
to sing to her, without warmth
to release her from stillness,
she finds peace in emptiness.

Stop a moment in silence;
share a moment with her.
Find a song in the quietitude
and wholeness in this absence.
Let this peace chill to the bone,
while holding still with fluttering hearts
to soar in rapturous solitude.

You are with her, she sees you,
she draws you into her gaze.
She embraces you for your warmth,
while you shiver at her touch.
Whisper mist into her dreams,
let your gratitude disperse into the air,
and promise to meet her in the morn.

Written by 2ndhandsoul

December 21, 2007 at 4:36 pm

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someday, starfish

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Deep inside your ocean
I can feel your energy;
flowing, electric-blue
(current strong in synergy).
And if you cut me open,
I’ll grow right back
(revealing life’s symmetry).
I see tomorrow as though it were now;
the future filters through me.
What I see, I cannot tell
(let this be my little mystery).
And in my time,
I will live life and misfortune,
endure every torture,
to one day hunt the hunter,
to kill the killer
(I will love the lover).
I will believe the unbelievable,
I will see the invisible,
and I will do the impossible,
deep inside your ocean.

Written by 2ndhandsoul

December 17, 2007 at 4:15 am

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beautiful butterfly

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life for you is a belly-groan, monotones
consuming all that consumes you, true
that you cannot tell black from white, right
from wrong, all this grey is shadow on
every horizon and every step, crawl along
inch by inch, slowing frenzy squirm, worm
your way to where you belong.
quiet, rest now, for a little while, smile
inside of cellophane of gossimer bound, proud
you’ve come so far, so good, should
this little intermission end, now to send
you on your way again; open, friend.
wake into a dream, technicolor and alive, thrive
where you once had no senses, now having five.
swirl and dance in laughter’s breeze, sieze
every ache and every heartbeat, love’s heat
thrumming through every flicker of time’s
unrelenting pulse of light, that’s right.
sleep is over, time to rise, from a dream of
a man dreaming to be a dream

Written by 2ndhandsoul

December 17, 2007 at 4:14 am

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past-tense existence

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through these years of knowing, i’ve known
that my entire life i’ve been dying
that my entire life i’ve been denying
everything i know may not be worth knowing

existing despite its futility, i’ve offended life by living
i’ve offended everyone by feeling, but i feel
that i haven’t felt enough. which is real
and which is just myself trying to ignore that

i’m still struggling to discern what is true, i see
that all of this is an impossible dream
in a world where nothing is what it seems,
but, then again, it might just be.

letting go is such a hard thing to hold onto
and i’m having trouble giving in too, giving into
giving up my selfishness of wanting to believe
in the possibility of just being me

Written by 2ndhandsoul

December 17, 2007 at 4:13 am

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