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life for you is a belly-groan, monotones
consuming all that consumes you, true
that you cannot tell black from white, right
from wrong, all this grey is shadow on
every horizon and every step, crawl along
inch by inch, slowing frenzy squirm, worm
your way to where you belong.
quiet, rest now, for a little while, smile
inside of cellophane of gossimer bound, proud
you’ve come so far, so good, should
this little intermission end, now to send
you on your way again; open, friend.
wake into a dream, technicolor and alive, thrive
where you once had no senses, now having five.
swirl and dance in laughter’s breeze, sieze
every ache and every heartbeat, love’s heat
thrumming through every flicker of time’s
unrelenting pulse of light, that’s right.
sleep is over, time to rise, from a dream of
a man dreaming to be a dream


Written by 2ndhandsoul

December 17, 2007 at 4:14 am

Posted in poetry

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