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A Moment With Winter

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The air is crisp
with seasonal apprehension,
so hush now and listen close —
lest you miss it —
to the silence that fills
this space, frigid and pale,
suspended, solid and real.

Life has paused in her fervor
to reflect and ponder,
to recoup her strength,
for the next season, another year,
because time does not relent
and does not wait for her
to try and catch up.

She sleeps and dreams
beneath blankets of white
and skies of blue so clear
they are crystal; without birds
to sing to her, without warmth
to release her from stillness,
she finds peace in emptiness.

Stop a moment in silence;
share a moment with her.
Find a song in the quietitude
and wholeness in this absence.
Let this peace chill to the bone,
while holding still with fluttering hearts
to soar in rapturous solitude.

You are with her, she sees you,
she draws you into her gaze.
She embraces you for your warmth,
while you shiver at her touch.
Whisper mist into her dreams,
let your gratitude disperse into the air,
and promise to meet her in the morn.


Written by 2ndhandsoul

December 21, 2007 at 4:36 pm

Posted in poetry

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