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Divinity: Unparalleled?

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There are a number of theories out there within quantum science that describe the possibility of parallel and/or multiple universes.  Every potential choice we or others may make has its own seperate universe, comprising up to every single conceivable (or, perhaps, inconceivable) combination thereof.  Our very observation of reality warps and bends it into the shape(s) it takes.  Unfortunately, I am far from whatever parallel universe that may exist where I have a fucking clue about quantum mechanics and theory to really give a detailed, scientific analysis of these.  I’m not really interested in doing this here, anyway.

This whole diatribe comes about from the question I pose on a more philosophical level to this theory of a multiverse:  If one first is willing to accept the existence of God, then inserts the ideology of one person existing in a possibly infinite multiverse, where every one of their choices is just as real as the one(s) he feels he is conscious of making in whatever his “home reality” is…  How does God relate to that?  Is there any fear of consequences?  One would have to figure that their odds are pretty good that they end up making the right choices SOMEWHERE in that infinity.  Forgiveness is a given and sin is nonexistent.  Or does it just end up cancelling each other out on the score board?  Does God sit back and just sift through the infinitude of a person’s potential life and try for the best possible result?  If each of these possible You’s is seperate from the other, that can mean tough luck for the ones God determines to be chaff to be blown off, in the end.

This is one of those quandries worth just tossing out there, see what thoughts and things take root and germinate to term.  However, my suspicion is that this multiverse theory is not true on a more personal level, since I certainly don’t feel multitudinous.  I guess we could stretch it out and say that each human or other sentients in the universe is a veritable playground of varying possibilities to the same general circumstances of life at any given moment.  That the multiverse merely lies in the segregated perception of the same reality we share in.

Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in-between.  Hmm, I may have to find a better way of expressing just what I mean by all this.  It certainly raises further questions and possibilities…  We shall see.


Written by 2ndhandsoul

September 10, 2008 at 9:02 pm

Posted in rant

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