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Ghost: the very word elicits an almost instinctual retinue of reactionary images and thoughts. There are a lot of beliefs out there — and, perhaps, just as much disbelief — about ghosts or spirits or apparitions or whatever you want to call them. It seems a pretty sticky issue. Most people would like to believe there is *something* after you die here on Earth. Many would *like* to believe that their existence doesn’t end with the dissolution of their biological functioning. Life seems pretty fucking pointless without some hope of continuity or persistence. I’m pretty sure society and our whole race would shift face should it ever prove definitively that there is or is not “life after death.” (Which seems like a funny paradox, doesn’t it?)
Well, I don’t really hope to delve too deeply into that arena, but I would like to sort of…gloss over those points and jump right into assuming that there is some form of posthumous life, and getting to ruminating on the possible nature of ghosts, and what kind of import that may have.

There are a lot of television shows, websites, or other media sources, that document “evidence” of supernatural or paranormal phenomena out there. Some, of course, appear to be more credible than others. In particular, certain audio evidence and video evidence evoke more of a reaction than the recording of people’s testimony. I have never experienced any of this phenomena firsthand — at least, to my knowledge or awareness — but I cannot dismiss the possibility. EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) are fairly compelling, since they actually seem to be the voices of entities that are usually responsive to the investigators at the scene at the time. Some I’ve heard are better than others, of course. Some amount of personal interpretation can be had with any of them, while only a few have been really clear as to be almost unmistakable in their message. However, the fact that there is something there unseen giving unheard responses to questions or situations, gives one pause to consider a number of things. Having seen objects move on camera, thermal images of apparitions, plus other visual evidence, strengthens the sentiment of possible unseen entity interaction with our apparently “normal” world.

Who are these entities? What are they doing here? How did they get there? Why do they remain? What is their nature? Should we be more concerned in our day-to-day lives, as we unknowingly move about among unseen hosts?

I don’t plan on really answering the questions above, so much as perhaps try to give anyone some food for thought. Awareness of the possibilities should at least give a good starting point. I must admit, though, that I’d love the opportunity to participate in real investigations, some day, some how.

There was an investigation done by TAPS wherein they had several EVPs of a princess or duchess or something, which responded to them with such things as “Where are you? Of course, I’m here, but I don’t see you” and so forth. It seemed she was responding as though the investigators were the paranormal phenomena to *her*. It’s almost as though there were a “thinness” between two points in time, where they were able to communicate using certain equipment. Are “ghosts” really a place where energies bypass temporal barriers, even such energies that make up consciousness?

Part of the problem I have in believing some of this or wrapping my head around any meaningful belief system including it, is that it sure seems a disorganized and hazardous spiritual realm that we may one day find ourselves in. Who’s manning that part of Creation or existence? Do ghosts represent a muck-up of the system in place? It certainly seems that it’s a risky business to let spirits roam hither and yon and possibly affect the course of life with those that remain. I don’t know. I doubt answers shall be forth coming any time soon, within my lifetime. I do hope, should I be one of those stuck in the middle like those other ghosts, that I am able to better express just what lays beyond the shroud. Or at least I’d like the chance to fuck with some people. Maybe that’s the ticket…


Written by 2ndhandsoul

September 12, 2008 at 8:14 pm

Posted in rant

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