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I’ve used this blog in bursts of activity followed with swaths of inactivity.  I would like to do away with pretentious description and say this directly.  I succumb to inevitable chaos whenever I believe I can set upon something a stable and consistent goal or process.  Admitting this right here and right now tears off any parasitic sense of expectations or grandiose statements.  Let’s be real.  This is where the debris of a many-vectored existence, even one as “ordinary” as mine, finds a place to lodge itself a little and put some root in.  I may go on any sort of ramble here.  Anything goes, and I want to just keep it that way.  Remove the burden of worry and design.  About all that won’t go in this continuance of my flailing is my poetic pursuits.  I have a different place to neglect and perpetuate that insanity.  Go there if that’s what you want instead of this.  This is sort of all the other stuff.  Carry on.  Thanks for attention. 🙂


Written by 2ndhandsoul

December 16, 2007 at 12:10 am

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